Danny Masterson Rape Case Testimony Reveals Disturbing New Alleged Details

The three women who accused The Ranch actor Danny Masterson of rape testified in court this week, revealing new details of their allegations. The three women testified in Los Angeles Superior Court between Tuesday and Thursday for a judge who will decide if there is probable cause to charge Masterson. The former That '70s Show actor pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, says his client is innocent. Masterson faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. He has been out on bail since he was arrested in June 2020.

The first woman, identified only as Jen B., testified on Tuesday that she slipped in and out of consciousness when Masterson allegedly raped her 18 years ago. When she came to, she found Masterson on top of her, she claimed, adding that the "first thing I recall is grabbing his hair to pull him off," reports The Associated Press. Jen B. told the court in the preliminary hearing that she and Masterson were friends of the same group with ties to the Church of Scientology. She said the alleged rape happened on April 25, 2003, when she went to Masterson's house to pick up keys.

At the start of the night, Masterson gave her a vodka drink with her permission. She felt weak about 20 minutes later, though, and Masterson threw her in a jacuzzi, she claims. When a mutual friend tried to help Jen B., she told him she couldn't open her eyes. She testified that she "felt really, really sick." Masterson then carried her upstairs, where she vomited, and then put her in the shower, she testified. She started losing consciousness at this point but awoke to find Masterson washing her breasts. She told the court she tried to punch him but was too weak. He then put her on the bed, and she only has brief memories of what happened next. Although her attempt to pull him off by his hair failed, she did manage to push him off with a pillow, she testified. She also said Masterson grabbed a gun from his nightstand to threaten her.

During the cross-examination, Mesereau pointed to inconsistencies between Jen B.'s 2003 "knowledge report" to the Church of Scientology and her 2004 police report. Mesereau also asked her why she did not include the detail about the gun in the police report. Jen B. said there were inconsistencies, but told Mesereau she tried to be truthful as possible in each report.

The second woman, Christina B., testified on Wednesday that she was in a five-year relationship with Masterson when he raped her in November 2001 at a house she shared with Masterson, reports The Associated Press. Christina B. accused Masterson of raping her when she slept. She kept trying to push him off and told him she did not want to have sex, she testified. "He wouldn't stop. So I did something that I knew would make him angry and likely to get off me. I pulled his hair. He has these rules, 'no-touch hair rule,' 'no-touch face rule," she said. "He had this thing about his hair, so I knew if I pulled it really, really hard, he would get off me. But what he did was he hit me."

Masterson hit her across the face, spat on her, and called her "white trash," she told Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller. Mesereau denied that Christina B. was describing an incident of rape. He also said her testimony was different from what she told police. Christina B. also testified that she learned from Masterson that he raped her about a month after the December 2001 incident when she was unconscious. She went to Church of Scientology officials, but they convinced her she was not raped, she testified. She did not go to the police until 2016 but reported the second incident, not the first one, which is the one Masterson was charged for.

Testimony continued on Thursday when N. Trout took the stand. She claims she was raped in late 2003. A few nights before the alleged rape, Trout met Masterson and he continued texting her to come to his house until she finally did. "I didn't understand why he was commanding," she said, reports The Associated Press. "I thought perhaps he was saying it in a way to be aggressive as a form of flirting. I didn't understand why he was so aggressive." She did agree to go over, and she admitted to being initially flattered. However, he soon demanded she take off her clothes and get into the hot tub. She did, saying she "didn't want any violence to take place."


Trout testified she felt blurry in the hot tub but said she was raped upstairs in his house, first in a shower and then on his bed. Mesereau noted Trout that she included details she said she didn't remember in a 2017 interview with police. "I'm sure you're familiar with the way that trauma works, and when you open it up as I've had to do these past four years, pieces of it have become less blurry for me," Trout replied.