Dane Cook Addresses 26-Year Age Difference in His Relationship

Dane Cook has finally addressed the 26-year age gap in his relationship.

On Monday, the 46-year-old comedian took to his Instagram Stories to host a Q&A with fans about his relationship with 19-year-old singer Kelsi Taylor, who he has been dating for more than a year, and no question was off the table.

(Photo: Instagram / @danecook)

When one fan addressed the blaring age difference in the couple’s relationship, asking “What advice do you have to those in age gap relationships,” Cook eagerly responded with his own words of wisdom.

“The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart,” he responded.

Despite being open about their relationship in the past, this was Cook’s first time publicly addressing the controversial age gap, which sees the star more than twice the age of his girlfriend. The controversial age difference, and their many public displays of affection, have led to many harsh criticisms of their relationship, with one person previously commenting on a photo writing “You are a disgusting pedophile.”

The couple, whose relationship became public in January, have frequently gushed about one another on social media, with Cook briefly opening up about unspecified challenges in January.

“The next few months are work hard / play hard ones. I’m grateful to my friends and fans who continue to support my artistic endeavors. I can’t get to where I’m going without this foundation of support. My sister & right arm @_courtneycook_ - talented & helpful x10000. My gf @itskelsitaylor who quite simply is a gift,” he wrote.


“More than anything you have to accept the universe is gonna challenge the s— outta you & sometimes it heaps several on you all at once. It can feel impossible - THAT is where it begins to turn. The events you must endure determine your character and the ability to cope & conclude regardless of who is pushing what button or slandering you or undermining you,” he continued.

While people only took notice of their relationship in January, Cook and Taylor’s Instagram profiles suggest that they have been dating for much longer, with the two having posed for pictures with one another and commented on one another’s photos well before January. Cook even posted a picture of the two together in Hawaii as early as July.