Corey Feldman Is Heading Back to Dr. Oz to Reveal More Abusers

It's been announced that former child actor Corey Feldman will return to the Dr. Oz show to reveal more abusers that he claims are a part of a Hollywood pedophile ring.

Feldman is scheduled to appear on the show today to divulge more details about the sexual assault he experienced as a young actor, according to Page Six.

Interestingly, a description of the episode reveals that Coey Haim's mother is also scheduled to appear. On a previous episode of Dr. Oz Feldman detailed abuse that he and Haim experienced as child actors but Haim's mother was critical and claimed Feldman's accusations weren't valid.

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Yesterday it was announced that the LAPD has officially ended their investigation into the claims of child molestation brought to them by Feldman.

"In the case of Corey Feldman, unfortunately according to California law the alleged occurrence is out of statute and Robbery Homicide Detectives have no other avenues to pursue this case," a statement from the LAPD on the subject of the investigation read, ABC News reports.

"However, the LAPD applauds Mr. Feldman for coming forward, as an out of statue assult report could potentially bolster any current and forthcoming case as it creates a pattern of behavior, " the statement continued.

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Finally, the statement reflected that the LAPD finds the high frequency of sexual assault reports "particularly troubling" and they strongly encourage anyone who feels they may be a victim to come forward as soon as possible to file a report.

In response to the news, Feldman tweeted out disapproval.


"MAYBE NOW U WILL #BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I NEED 2 DO IT MY WAY," he wrote, referencing his desire to make a documentary detailing what he says is an ongoing issue in Hollywood that needs to be eradicated.