Comedic Actor Denies Death Rumors: On His 73rd Birthday, Leon Schuster Speaks Out

'Luckily a cat has 9 Lives, so at least I have 3 left,' Schuster wrote.

South African comedian and filmmaker Leon Schuster quashed rumors surrounding his demise. The actor and comedian lashed out on social media over the weekend over another death hoax.

"I hear I'm dead again," Schuster wrote in a Facebook post of people spreading rumors of his funeral. "What crazy head posts stuff like this? I will kick him there where he will never be able to have children again. It's not nice when your people call you and say 'I'm so happy to hear your voice.' 

"I'm a Cheetah, a cat, and this is the sixth time this has happened," he continued. "Luckily a cat has 9 Lives, so at least I have 3 left!! Thank you for your inquiries and for your concern and love – these are TRUE friends. Your love is etched on the table of my heart. Thank you Thank you Thank you and Thank you Dear Jesus that my life is in Your hands!!"

Schuster revealed to TimesLive earlier this month that he was not only suffering from back injuries but also depression as a result of his immobility. Following two back surgeries, the comedian is preparing for a third after injuring himself on the set of Mr. Bones 3. Furthermore, he has been diagnosed as overweight, so he will have to lose weight before undergoing another back surgery.

Schuster said, "I'm eating very little. I'm on these diet injections, but I'm not feeling that I am losing weight. "I have been in the gym my whole life, and all of a sudden, there's complete inactivity. I have to lie on my bed. I can sit for an hour, then I have to lie down again because the pain is eating me up."

He added, "The whole process is being postponed, and I'm depressed about that. My life is standing still. My creative life is standing still. I cannot create anything when I'm feeling like this, and all these tablets I have to take to suppress the pain are not good for me, but I don't have a choice because they give you some relief, but they stuff up your stomach and mental frame of mind."

A screw is loose in Schuster's back, affecting his sciatic nerve, according to his friend Don Clarke. He wrote on Facebook, per The South African, "The fact that Leon spends most of his time on his back makes this a conundrum of the highest order! "His mobility is severely curtailed, but he is able to hobble around occasionally, albeit in severe pain.  Despite this, his spirits are high, and we had a few laughs."