Christie Brinkley Says She 'Put on a Couple Pounds' in Quarantine: 'I'm Determined to Get Back to My Fighting Shape'

Christie Brinkley, like many, has been enjoying some quarantine snacks and says she's put on a few pounds since the lockdown started — although, it's hard to tell because she still looks stunning! While quarantining in the Hamptons with her family, she's proving that she's just like the rest of us and enjoys indulging every now and again. "I did put on a couple pounds [...] So I dragged my Total Gym into my bedroom [...] getting out and gardening is a lot of work," she noted according to Extra TV.

The model noted that while she's been enjoying the beach with relaxing and eating fresh foods, she does manage to get a workout in as well. "We'll take the boat to a deserted beach and we'll do speed walks or running [...] I'm determined to go back to my fighting shape," she added. Brinkley has been enjoying her getaway with daughters Alexa and Sailor, and her son Jack's girlfriend Nina. To add to the packed house, they're also joined by Alexa's fiancé Ryan Gleason and Sailor's boyfriend Ben Sonse.

"We're doing very well," she said when asked how she and her quarantine crew were doing. "We count our blessings. We're healthy and that's what's the most important, and then we're together and that's wonderful." While the former Dancing with the Stars contestant may be eating a little more food these days, she happens to be munching on fresh food as she and her family have started a garden. "This morning we were just looking, we're getting cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are ready to burst." She even has chickens as well and had to introduce a new batch to the one they already own. "We had to introduce them to each other and they really do have a pecking order."

Brinkley and her daughter both appeared on Season 28 of DWTS. Brinkley was originally set to star on the hit dance competition, but following an injury, her daughter Sailor unexpectedly stepped in for her. While some fans loved that her daughter would be competing in her place — keeping it in the family — several did not take kindly to the idea, some even thought it was staged. Although both of them look absolutely fabulous, Brinkley did admit that her daughter does have body-image issues.

"I know she's always had [...] body image issues. I know that she loves food [...] she wanted to find that balance. She didn't want to live a life of dieting [...] it was important to find a place where you want to fuel your body with really good things," she explained.