Christie Brinkley Shows She's Barely Aged a Day Since 1980 Swimsuit Shoot

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It's been over 35 years since Christie Brinkley posed for her famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photoshoot but a new picture on her Instagram shows that the iconic model looks like she's barely aged a day.

In the new photo, Brinkley is posed in a white one-piece swimsuit with a red, white, and blue belt. She is also wearing a white, long-sleeved sheer wrap.

The 63-year-old is stretching her arm up and leaning on a tree branch, somewhat reminiscent of one of her Sports Illustrated photos form 1980, as shared by People.

Many of her Instagram followers turned up to comment on how great they thought she looked, with one person writing, "I'm convinced you're a witch. Haha. You still look incredible, like in your 20s incredible! I worshipped you in my teen years. I worship you now."

Another fan joked, "I lost my SI issue with your cover that I had in HS! Thanks for the replacement! I hope my wife doesn't mind!"


Further adding to the gushing comments of how "ageless" Brinkley looks, one final follower wrote, "You don't look any different than your SI era. Beauty is ageless!"