Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Recalls Horrific Cooking Accident That Landed Her and John Legend in the Hospital

Chrissy Teigen shared a bizarre story on her Instagram page and in her latest YouTube video, detailing exactly how a scary cooking accident resulted in her and husband John Legend ending up in the hospital. The incident began when she used a mandoline slicer for the first time ever because she was tired of slicing her mother's potatoes to make scalloped potatoes by hand. This turned out to be a surprisingly dangerous decision.

"I have John start slicing and he does one if his 'Ahh!'" Teigen explained. "He always makes a big noise because men can't handle pain very well."

Teigen then rolled her eyes and asked Legend, "What is it?"

Legend said he really cut his finger on the mandoline. "And when I say he cut his finger, he sliced the entire tip off of it," Teigen gruesomely described. "All John has is his fingers!"

Teigen then showed a picture of Legend holding a sign reading, "I am nothing without my fingers." She does have a point, since you need fingers to play a piano.

The Cravings author said she took the mandoline herself and bravely used it herself. Unfortunately, her overconfidence turned out to be a weakness as she also cut her finger immediately.

"We went to the emergency room," Teigen said as she held a photo of the two at a hospital. "They reattached our fingers and now I don't do anything without my kevlar gloves."

Teigen came forward with the difficult story to tease the latest video on her YouTube channel. In "Snack Hack: Sweet n' Salty Plantains," Teigen uses a mandoline for the first time since the hospital incident four years ago. Thankfully, she cut her plantains without cutting a digit.

Teigen's fans thought the clip was hilarious, and it even reminded some of their own mandoline horror stories.

"I've used my mandolin ONCE," one person wrote on Instagram. "Sliced my finger off too. It's been sitting in my cabinet for maybe 5 years now? Who needs scalloped potatoes."

"This was so brave," blogger Mary Orton wrote.

"My dad did the same thing," another fan wrote. "Squared off the tip of his ring finger and we were camping so couldn't get to the doc just wrapped it up."

"I took a slice of my palm off about 6 years ago," another wrote. "Pretty messy and traumatizing. I had to go to the ER, get a special cloth dressing which hardened and stayed on until the skin grew in, and wear an ace bandage over. I've not used a mandolin since."

While Teigen had some fun sharing this story, she was annoyed with Legend earlier this week. She went on a Twitter rant Tuesday night, complaining that Legend invited fellow The Voice judges Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton over for dinner without telling her.


"It sounds dumb yes but this is VERY john," Teigen tweeted. "I am always in charge of doing the fun, extra s— and he has no idea how much I plan normally and he's like 'no it's fine they just wanna have dinner' but it's literally the finale of their show??? And I have no ice cream truck."

Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby