Charlie Sheen Confirms He's Still Sober: 'I'm Excited to Be Excited Again'

Charlie Sheen is set to appear on Jay Leno's Garage where he discusses his sobriety and the impact it has had on his life. In an exclusive look, PEOPLE shared a clip that shows the former Two and a Half Men star admitting he knew he needed to make an adjustment in his life.

Leno introduces Sheen by saying, "Well, this is the new Charlie Sheen we're seeing. He also added that the actor looks good. The episode is set to air on Wednesday.

Sheen says in the interview that he hasn't had a drink "in about a year and a half." The decision to move past the alcohol and drugs was one he came to all on his own.

"It just hit me that I knew it was time to make a change," Sheen explained. "And, you know, it didn't require some crazy rehab stint or a shootout with the cops."

This just confirms what had been known when Sheen originally did an interview with PEOPLE earlier in the year. At the time, he was 14 months sober.

Sheen told the media outlet that he just wanted to focus on his health, family and that his career can come after that.

"I'm excited to be excited again," Sheen shared.

The father of five has become so enlightened that he says he has an open channel with his kids that if anything uncomfortable happens in their life, he is always there to talk. After all, like he has told his children, he has experienced many ups and downs in his life.


"I don't come at them with judgment or anything but love," he said. "My experiences can prevent them from going down a similar road and so the whole journey wasn't a complete waste of time. I have all the data."

Sheen has had numerous bouts in his life with substance abuse. He had a stroke after a cocaine overdose in 1998. He had another notable bout with cocaine in 2010 when he was arrested after causing $7,000 of damage in his hotel room where police found he was drinking and using cocaine.