Was Charlie Hunnam Booed for Cutting Airport Line?

Did Charlie Hunnam really get booed at the airport by other travelers when using his celebrity status to cut the long immigration line? That's what one tabloid is reporting, but this was more than likely a false rumor.

The gossip magazine, Star, reported that the Sons of Anarchy alum caused a scene and was even booed by other passengers. A person, who is called a "spy" by the tabloid, claimed to be at the airport during the incident.

"The lines were huge, and people had been waiting for well over an hour, but Charlie was in and out of there at warp speed. It was as if he expected everyone to be OK with it because of who he is," the "spy" told Star.

The insider went on to say "there were a lot of snarky comments" from other travelers and "then people actually started booing him."

Given that the source was referred to as a "spy," it's likely that this story isn't completely true. According to Gossip Cop, the report is entirely fabricated.

A source told Gossip Cop that this alleged incident "never happened."

When the British actor isn't the subject of seemingly fake news stories, he is gushing over his longtime girlfriend, Morgana McNelis.

While attending the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new film, Papillon, Hunnam explained how he and McNelis have maintained their romance for more than a decade.

"I try to keep the romance on the reg,'" he told PEOPLE magazine. "I've been with my girlfriend 11 years, and as anyone knows, it's been a long-term, fully monogamous relationship that requires work, a lot of work."

Hunnam says that working on his relationship with McNelis doesn't always require grand romantic gestures.


"Before I came away to TIFF I ended up staying until 5 in the morning because I decided I was going to clean the entire house," he said.