Danielle Bregoli Sues DJ Suede for Use of 'Cash Me Outside'

Danielle "Cash Me Outside" Bregoli and her mother are taking DJ Suede to court over lost profits on a remix they agreed to let him use her likeness for.

The rapper, who goes by the stage name Bhad Bhabie, signed over her famous catchphrase for a remix track, and also allowed DJ Suede to use her voice as well.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Bregoli was supposed to receive half of the profits from the song, but after she refused to bring DJ Suede on as her tour, DJ got angry and began a campaign to defraud her.

The song has reportedly earned around $250 thousand and Bregoli is suing for her share of the cut.

TMZ reached out to DJ Suede for comment on the story, but as of this report he has not responded.

DJ Suede isn't the only one Bregoli is taking on lately, as she recently went after Logan Paul for his controversial YouTube video showing the dead body of a man who allegedly died from a self-inflicted hanging.

A TMZ cameraman caught up to Bregoli in a Los Angeles airport and asked her about the situation.

She said that she had seen the video and felt like she understood the point of it until the moment that Paul laughed and joked about standing next to a dead body.

Bregoli also stated that she once knew Paul, but stopped talking to him a while ago.

The cameraman then asked her about the idea that Paul claimed to post the video because he wanted to bring awareness to depression and suicide, to which she entirely rejected the notion that this was actually Paul's sincere intention.

Finally, when asked about the two apologies that Paul gave and if he should be forgiven, Bregoli fired back, "If you kill someone and apologize for it does that make it OK?"


As has been publicly reported, the Ohio-born prankster came under fire for a video in which he showed the body of a man who had presumably died from a self-inflicted hanging.

Overwhelmingly, people have come out to blast Paul for being insensitive and cruel in his posting of the video. He subsequently took it down, and issued an apology statement about this situation, which he then followed up with a video apology.