Carrie Fisher's Brother Unearths Note About Death Handwritten by Iconic 'Star Wars' Actress 3 Years After Her Passing

Todd Fisher, brother of Carrie Fisher and son of Debbie Reynolds, shared a recently discovered [...]

Todd Fisher, brother of Carrie Fisher and son of Debbie Reynolds, shared a recently discovered letter written by his sister three years after her death. The letter was discovered among the papers Reynolds kept, and was written by Carrie as if she was already deceased. Fisher shared the letter with The New York Post just after this weekend's release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Fisher told The Post he found the letters while searching through Reynolds' desk draws for things he could display at the TCL Chinese Theatre's pop-up Star Wars museum.

"Everything Debbie cared the most about, in terms of personal letters, was in there," Fisher said. "I've been through that drawer, several times."

However, this time, he found a letter Carrie wrote about death that he had never seen before. It was written on a page from a book by author Adrian Tinniswood.

"I know Carrie's writing inside and out," Fisher said. "It's unmistakable. Either it was something Carrie wrote long ago because she was doing a story on death, or it just materialized from beyond. She was writing as if she was dead and what it was like."

"I am dead," Carrie wrote in the letter. "How are you? I'll see you soon … I would call and tell you what this is like, but there is no reception up here... Cut. New scene, new setup, new heavenly location. I have finally got the part that I have been rehearsing for all my life. God gave me the part. This is the end of the road I have been touring on all my life."

The letter "just blew my mind," Fisher said. "I thought, 'Wow, why am I finding this right now?'"

Carrie died in December 2016, four days after she suffered a heart attack on a flight from London back to Los Angeles. She was 60 years old. Reynolds suffered a stroke a day later and died at age 84. Fisher said his mother's last words were "I want to be with Carrrie."

Although Carrie died before work on The Rise of Skywalker even began, director J.J. Abrams used footage left over from 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens to keep her character, Princess Leia Organa, in the new movie. Carrie's daughter, Billie Lourd, also appears in the new film and was seen in The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Fisher attended the Rise of Skywalker premiere on Monday, although Lourd skipped it.

"I cried," Fisher said of seeing Carrie's scenes in The Rise of Skywalker. "Carrie is the heart and soul of the storyline."

The Rise of Skywalker, the last Star Wars film in the Skywalker saga, is now in theaters.

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images