Cardi B Faces New Felony Charges Over Strip Club Fight

Cardi B was indicted on felony charges stemming from a Queens strip club brawl that took place in 2018 on Friday. The rapper, born Belcalis Almanzar, is facing two felony counts of attempted assault, according to the Associated Press.

Cardi B was initially charged with misdemeanors and rejected a plea deal. The new indictment includes 14 charges in total, including misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment.

The "Money" rapper was arrested after the incident, and turned herself in to the New York City Police Department in October 2018. She allegedly attacked an employee at the strip club and ordered members of her entourage to throw chairs and bottles at two bartenders, who are related to the target of Cardi B's attack.

The woman's sisters, Jade and Baddie Gi, alleged that the dispute stemmed from Cardi B's belief that the victim slept with her husband, Offset. NBC News reported that the Grammy Award-winning musician was caught on camera hurling an ice bucket at the sisters.

Both Jade and Baddie Gi were hurt in the incident and had to be treated for their injuries, TMZ reported. Sources claim that Cardi B wasn't involved in the attack, which took place Aug. 29, but did shout at the women. Jade and Baddie Gi alleged that she threw a bottle at them.

TMZ previously reported that Jade alleged that Cardi B had been threatening her on Instagram for several months and accusing her of sleeping with Offset. Jade denies having any involvement with him, however.

Sources told TMZ that Cardi B said she didn't order the attack on either woman and also denied having any part in the attack. An insider also said that the allegation Offset cheated on Cardi B with Jade is untrue and that Cardi B and Offset both think Jade and Baddie Gi are "clout chasers," intentionally creating false stories.

Cardi B was at the club because Offset's rap group, Migos, was performing. She's due to be arraigned on Tuesday, June 25.


She doesn't appear to be allowing her ongoing legal battle to faze her. Cardi B's been active on social media in the wake of the indictment, and hasn't spoken about it at all. It's unclear whether she intends to address the drama at any point.

Since the incident, Cardi B and Offset have rekindled their romance. The couple appears to be doing well, and frequently features on Instagram together.