Cardi B Puts Her Spin on a Classic 'Batman' Villain With Her Revealing Poison Ivy Costume

Cardi B took Halloween to the extreme this weekend with her Poison Ivy costume. The rapper dressed as Batman's most seductive villain, though of course with her own unique spin on the outfit. Social media seemed to stop to take in Cardi's all-out photo shoot. Cardi posted several pictures and clips of her Poison Ivy costume between Thursday and Friday. She wore thigh-high green boots and matching sleeves that came up nearly to her shoulders, and a red wig that trailed behind her for several feet on the ground.

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Beyond that, however, there was not much to the costume. She wore a green bra made to look like leaves, and a leafy tiara on her brow. As for the bottoms, the side straps were invisible, making it look like Cardi had nothing but a leave covering her pelvis.

"MONEY IVY," she wrote alongside one photo with leaf emojis.

Several of the photos were carefully staged, showing Cardi in a day-glow colored corner striking pose after pose in her elaborate costume. The wig, in particular was a centerpiece, acting as a kind of cape in some cases.

"That girl is poison," she wrote in another caption.

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That girl is Poison.

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Cardi even posted a video clip of herself twerking in the costume, and other photo of herself walking up the stairs, which she noted was taken by her husband, Offset. In between, she posted a video of another costume which she joked was "more PG then," as it was a revealing corset and a nun's headdress.

Fans went crazy for the Halloween fashion show, filling Cardi's comment section with fire emojis, heart-eyes emojis and declarations of undying love. Some even called for Cardi to play Poison Ivy in the next movie where she appeared, whenever that might be.

In the midst of all these posts, Cardi made it clear that Halloween is still for the kids. She posted a heartwarming clip of her daughter, Kulture, dressed as Moana for the holiday. She herself hummed the movie's hit song "How Far I'll Go" as she filmed, wearing a plain black shirt.

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Moana have a little attitude today 😩

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"Moana have a little attitude today," she wrote in the caption.


It has been a busy Halloween for Cardi B, who also did a costumed stunt on The Ellen Show on Friday. The talk show host dressed up as Cardi for Halloween, and the two did their best attempt a spooky twerk on stage.

"That'll get you a couple of bucks right there," she said approvingly.