Canadian-Romanian Singer Anca Pop Found Dead After Car Plunged Into River

Canadian-Romanian pop music star Anca Pop has passed away after her car plunged into a river, The Associated Press reports.

Anca Pop's remains were discovered on Monday when her car was located submerged in the Danube River in south-western Romania. At this time, police have no answers as to how she ended up in the water, and her death is still under investigation.

Authorities first received a call reporting Anca Pop missing on Sunday night. Her sister notified authorities that she had never made it back to her family home that afternoon, and a search began. The singer was 34 years old.

(Photo: Instagram @ancapopmusic)

Anca Pop's family fled communist Romania in 1987. According to a report by Billboard, they were forced to cross the very same Danube river on a small raft on their way to seek refuge in Canada. When the regime fell, they returned to Romania.

In addition to the two northern countries, Anca Pop reportedly had a massive following in Japan. Her self-titled album Anca Pop came out just two years ago, and she recorded a popular collaboration with Bosnian musician Goran Bregovic, on his album Champagne for Gypsies.

Anca Pop was also a trailblazer for the LGBTQ community in eastern Europe. She reportedly revealed that she was in a relationship with another woman just this year, causing an uproar in the largely conservative country of Romania.

Anca Pop's final Instagram post showed her gazing out onto the Danube River back in mid-November. The photo has now picked up many comments from mourning fans and friends. The diversity of her fan base -- in both geographical and demographic terms -- is perfectly clear by the spectrum of users paying their respects.

"You are way too good for this world," one fan wrote. "Smiley on your face you are on better place now."

"I'm so sorry, Anca, a woman so beautiful and full of life," added another. "The world remains poorer after your departure. Thank you for sharing what you have been with us!"

"Rest in peace beautiful," wrote a third.


Anca Pop's music was often described as a mixture of pop influences with Balkan music. She had a deep interest in and respect for tradition, though she made it clear that she was not afraid to push the envelope, either.

Anca Pop is survived by her sister and both parents.