Bunnie XO Reveals Devastating Update on Her Dad's Cancer Treatment

Bunnie shared that her father's cancer is "unusually aggressive" and "no treatments are working."

Dumb Blonde podcast host Bunnie XO has revealed a devastating update on her dad's cancer treatment. In a recent Instagram post, Bunnie — who is married to country rocker Jelly Roll — shared a video of her and her father at a doctor's appointment. There, they receive some tragic news about his diagnosis.

"Today was the day we were holding out hope for," Bunnie shared in a caption on the clip. "The words we were praying to hear never came [though]. My dad's cancer is 'unusually aggressive.' Meaning no treatments are working or will work." She concluded, "Even [though] our days are numbers, we're going to make them count. Love you pops."

Many of Bunnie's fans and followers have since offered their sympathy and support in the post comments, with one person writing, "Lifting y'all up today. God give strength where it's needed." Someone else added, "Enjoy every second. I'd give anything for one more day with my dad. Tell him we're thankful he had you, you are so inspiring to so many." One last follower offered, "Aweee, this is hard and heartbreaking. Your dad seems so sweet and cool!! I'll say prayers for his healing & comfort."

Just days prior, Bunnie shared a video showing her taking a trip to visit her father, as she'd just found out his conditioning was worsening. "I received one of the worst calls yesterday that shook me to my core. My dad has been silently battling Stage 4 cancer for the past year alone [with] just his wife, "she explained. "He insisted no one [know] so he could try to heal it himself because he's into holistic remedies. Sadly, now the cancer has spread into his bone marrow [and] his bones are breaking, he can't lift his arms, walk, barely eat [and] he's in so much pain you can't even hug him."

Bunnie went on to praise her father, writing, "My dad is the coolest dude I've ever known. We clash because I'm just like him, but there's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for my pops. Hearing this [and] seeing him like this shattered my soul." She finally added, "I don't [know] what the next few weeks holds for us but all I [know] is I just want to wrap him up in love [and] make this process for him as comfortable as possible."