Britney Spears Unveils New Hair Color in Sultry Dancing Videos

Britney Spears just debuted a new hair color! The pop star unveiled her new pink hair and fans are loving every bit of it. The singer took to her Instagram account and posted a few photos of her in a leopard, skin-tight bodysuit as she showed off her new look. "Miss pussycat loves to bite ... be careful ladies and gentlemen," she captioned her post.

Spears' fans were in full support of her new look, with one person writing, "OMG PINK HAIR PINK HAIR PINK HAIR!" while someone else said, "Meow." Another fan noted that her court date coming up, where the 39-year-old will face a judge and be able to speak on behalf of herself for the first time since her conservatorship started. "JUNE 23 you know what to do Lioness," they wrote.

Spears seems to be having a lot more fun with her captions lately now that she knows she's getting an opportunity to speak for herself, instead of her father, Jamie Spears. Fans could not be more thrilled for her since she's been under his supervision for over a decade now. She recently posted a very clear message to her fans and viewers as that date approaches, of a little girl flipping off the camera in a school photo. "Hi my name is Britney Spears ... nice to meet you [three middle finger emojis]!!!! One of my strongest gifts is that I'm pretty straight forward," she captioned the photo.

Her fans flooded the comment section and seemed absolutely thrilled she seems to be showing an edgier side these days. Following the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, she's gained a lot of attention over what's really been happening throughout the years. After being denied by a judge previously to speak for herself, she's finally getting an opportunity to do so. It's said that Spears is at odds with her father, who presides over her finances and career as a result of the conservatorship.


The court ordered this after it was clear that Spears was struggling with the challenges that come with being in the public eye, however, what the documentary shed light on, and begged to question, why wasn't she simply given the opportunity to receive help instead of being shoved into a conservatorship. For years, her fans have been fighting for her and now it seems as though things are starting to pay off.