Britney Spears Reportedly Believes Custody 'in Jeopardy' Following Son's Fight With Her Father Jamie

Following her father Jamie's fight with one of her sons, Britney Spears reportedly believes that her custody agreement with ex Kevin Federline could be 'in jeopardy." According to Us Weekly, a source close to the singer said, "Britney's mental condition before the incident was fragile at best," later adding that she is "furious" with her father, and "extremely distraught" over the matter. "Her biggest fear has always been losing custody of her boys," a second insider went on to share, "and now she feels that Jamie may have put her in jeopardy as a result of his actions."

The situation that has Spears so upset stems from an altercation that 67-year-old Jamie allegedly had with Spears' son Preston earlier this month.

"Sean Preston felt unsafe and locked himself into a room. Jamie broke into the room and shook Sean Preston," a law enforcement source told Us Weekly. "Fortunately, Britney did the right thing and took her boys to safety and away from her father. The whole incident was very upsetting to her and her boys. Kevin was and still is furious."

"Mr. Federline alleged the grandfather battered one of the sons on August 24, I believe the 13-year old," Sergeant Marta Bugarin, spokeswoman for the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, told Radar on Tuesday, September 3.

Goldie Schon, a Lawyer from Woodland Hills CA/Law Offices, spoke with In Touch about the situation, saying, "Kevin could very well file a motion with the court and say that the alleged incident with Jamie happened because Britney was not supervising the children and left them with her dad and she should have even less time than she has, or her time should be monitored by some paid monitor with the children, even during the limited time she has with the children because she's clearly not capable of being a supervising parent."

"Absolutely he could take her to court to do that," Schon added. "I don't know if he'd prevail, but anyone can ask. More time with the children is more money in his pocket."

At this time, Federline has a restraining order in place against Jamie, that requires the grandfather to stay away from both Preston and his brother Jayden for three years.


Additionally, Spears and Federline recently came to a new custody agreement, which would see Federline have the boys for 70 percent of the time, and Spears would have custody of them for 30 percent of the time. Spears has yet to comment on the situation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images