Britney Spears' Personal Conservator Jodi Montgomery Not Retiring

Britney Spears personal conservator Jodi Montgomery has no plans on walking away from her position or Spears as the singer navigates this time. Unlike Spears' longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, and court-appointed lawyer, Sam Ingham, who both recently walked away from their positions with the 39-year-old, Montgomery says as long as Spears wants her there, she will remain a supporter for Spears.

"Ms. Montgomery has no plans to step down as Ms. Spears' Temporary Conservator of the Person. She remains committed to steadfastly supporting Ms. Spears in every way she can within the scope of her duties as a conservator of the person," Lauriann Wright, Montgomery's lawyer, said in a statement, according to PEOPLE. "Ms. Spears as recently as yesterday has asked Ms. Montgomery to continue to serve. Ms. Montgomery will continue to serve as a conservator for as long as Ms. Spears and the Court desire her to do so."

On Monday, the news that Rudolph would be stepping away as her manager due to claims she is retiring from her music career made headlines when Deadline published a letter he wrote as his way of resigning. He noted that it had "been over two-and-a-half years since Britney and I last communicated" and during their last conversation, he said, "she informed me she wanted to take an indefinite work hiatus [...] earlier today, I became aware that Britney had been voicing her intention to officially retire."

"As you know, I have never been a part of the conservatorship nor its operations," the letter continued. "So I am privy to many of these details. I was originally hired at Britney's request to help manage and assist her with her career. And as her manager, I believe it is in Britney's best interest for me to resign from her team as my professional services are no longer needed. Please accept this letter as my formal resignation."


As for Ingham, he has stepped down from representing Spears after the court appointed him to be her lawyer following her conservatorship in 2008. After Spears claims she's battled with "abusive" behavior the last several years, there seems to be a lot of change happening within. Both Ingham and Rudolph stepping down come on the heels of Bessemer Trust, the company who handled Spears' estate, alongside her father Jamie Spears, requested they be removed as her co-conservator. They cited "irreparable harm to her interests" as the reason of why the company would be removing itself as well. The next conservatorship hearing is scheduled for July 14.