Britney Spears: Fans Cry 'Free Britney' as Rumors Swirl of Her Being Held Against Her Will

Britney Spears fans are trending the hashtag #FreeBritney as rumors surfaced she is being held against her will at a mental health facility.

The rumors surfaced Tuesday after a popular Spears fan podcast released information from a source claiming her father, Jamie Spears, had her committed after she refused to take medication as prescribed by a doctor on her conservatorship's orders.

The new "emergency" episode of Britney's Gram, hosted by Babs Gray and Tess Barker, featured a voicemail from an unnamed former paralegal for the pop star's conservatorship claiming the there is much more to the story behind the postponement of her second Vegas residency and her stay at the facility.

The insider claimed it all began when Spears first began not taking her medication as she rehearsed for her Domination show. After Jamie forced her to go see a doctor for a new medication, the source says Spears still refused to take her prescriptions, leading Jamie to withdraw his support of the Vegas show.

"Britney refused so he kept his word and pulled his support and he verbatim said 'blame it on my illness,'" the paralegal alleged on the voicemail. "And that's when we get the January Instagram."

After Spears was photographed driving with boyfriend Sam Asghari around town, Spears reportedly had his daughter committed against her will. The source claimed that, despite earlier reports Spears had checked herself into the facility two weeks, she has actually been there since mid-January.

"She did not want to go... I, of course am just a paralegal I never spoke with her, but from what I understood, this was not a decision she made at all," he said in the voicemail.

The new claims inspired many fans to take to social media, calling for Spears to be released from the facility.

"This whole #FreeBritney is bananas. I wish we could hear from her authentically, but sadly I don't think we will until conservatorship is over with," one Twitter user wrote.

"Doing research on #FreeBritney, and [I dont' know] what to believe. i just want her to be happy and healthy," another user commented.


During the podcast, Gray and Barker said that the source added in a follow-up interview that the situation is what led co-conservator Andrew Wallet to suddenly quit his position, fearing he might be disbarred after the news came out of Spears' forced facility stay.

"If what #FreeBritney rumor says it's true, I call on the media to take action, you tried to knock her down once, now it's time to redeem yourselves, she's a warrior but she can't be hold agains(sic) her will and fight without her own freedom, [Britney Spears] we're here for you!" another user commented.