Bret Michaels Speaks out Amidst Hospitalization

Bret Michaels thanked his fans for their support in an update about his recent hospitalization. Michaels fell ill while on tour with glam metal band Poison in Tennessee on June 30 after a "medical complication."

The singer apologized on his Instagram page after the concert was suddenly canceled, noting he would get back on the road as quickly as possible. "To the incredible fans in Nashville, thank you for all your well wishes!! I was truly fired up to get on stage in Music City and perform, but due to an unforeseen medical complication and following hospitalization, it was not possible," Michaels wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

In his latest statement, Michaels announced he would appear in Florida at the July 2 show but would miss the meet and greet because of health reasons. "To all my friends in Jacksonville, in light of my recent medical situation & treatment, I'm very excited to try to attempt to bring all the positive energy, vocals and give you all I that I have on stage tonight," he said in an Instagram post. I promise, as always, to do the best I can and to give you all I got."

"As for the awesome Poison meet & greet, you know I always give 1000% both during the meet and greet and on stage," Michaels continued. "Doctors have highly recommended that I continue to rest and try to save all the energy I can for the show. 

"Therefore I will not be able to be at the meet and greet this evening. I encourage you to go see the other guys and enjoy the meet and greet. Thank you for all your well wishes and understanding. Florida, you know I love you."

He later posted a photo from today's performance which shows Michaels on stage, grinning into the camera as his fans cheer from behind him. He captioned the picture, "Sick and in the pouring rain, Bret gives 100%."

 On July 1, Michaels shared an update on his website about his condition, writing, "Can't thank Nashville's incredible & determined medical staff who helped me, as you can see with several IV sites to run tests & administer fluids. I'm determined to try to rock Jacksonville & return for a Nashville show someday soon."


Although he has not revealed what he was treated for, the 59-year-old frontman has had health issues in the past. Michaels has had type 1 diabetes since childhood and suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2010.

Sources told TMZ  Michaels might have had a bad reaction to the medicine he has been taking since being diagnosed with COVID-19. According to the sources, Michaels' Type 1 diabetes might have triggered unexpected side effects from the medication. Poison has 21 dates left on their tour, with a concert scheduled for July 3 in Mississippi.