'Bohemian Rhapsody' Star Rami Malek Recalls 'Not Pleasant' Experience Working With Director Bryan Singer

Rami Malek opened up about his experience working with accused sexual abuser, Bryan Singer on Bohemian Rhapsody.

Singer was fired by the film's studio, Twentieth Century Fox in December 2017, when production of the film was nearing completion due to his "unexpected unavailability." Malek said during an appearance at the Santa Barbara that while he can't talk much about the production, he describes working with the man as "not pleasant."

Singer's rep told Entertainment Tonight at the time that he was focused on a "personal health matter," however, the news also came amid rumors of conflict between the director and Malek. Singer was also the subject of the multiple reports of sexual misconduct, which he continues to deny to this day.

During a panel hosted by The Hollywood Reporter at the film festival, Malek addressed his working relationship with the director.

"I've sat here and talked about how everyone deserves a voice and anyone who wants to talk about what happened with Bryan deserves to have their voice heard," the actor said. "In my situation with Bryan, it was not pleasant, not at all. And that's about what I can say about it at this point."

"For anyone who is seeking any solace in all of this, Bryan Singer was fired. Bryan Singer was fired, I don't think that was something anyone saw coming but I think that had to happen and it did," Malek added.

After Singer's firing, Dexter Fletcher was hired to finish the project. And while he has not been mentioned in awards' season speeches, the director continues to receive credits in the film and is reported to receive a $40 million paycheck for the film.

A recent report by The Atlantic brought to light four men who claimed Singer either molested them when they were teenagers in the late 1990s. His lawyer told the outlet in response that "Singer categorically denies ever having sex with, or a preference for, underage men."


The report led to GLAAD pulling the film out of contention for its annual Media awards.

"My heart goes out to anyone who has to live through anything like what I've heard and what is out there. It's awful, it's remarkable that this happens, I can appreciate so much what they've been through and how difficult this must be for them. In the light of the #MeToo era that this somehow seems to exist after that, it's a horrible thing," the Oscar-nominated actor said, responding to the allegations.