Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine Star in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine had a The Voice reunion during a new T-Mobile commercial that aired during Super Bowl LV on Sunday night, promoting the carrier's 5G network and imagining an alternate reality in which Shelton and Stefani, who are now engaged, were originally set up by Levine. The clip, which took place "a few years ago," began with Stefani and Levine video chatting on their phones, Stefani telling the Maroon 5 singer what she's looking for in a man.

"I think I'm ready to start dating again," she said. "I'm sick of L.A. guys. I want someone completely different, maybe from another country. Someone cultured and sensitive and who's not threatened by a strong, confident woman." Unfortunately, the two were using a "spotty network," so Levine heard Stefani say she was looking for "someone completely country, uncultured and threatened by a strong, confident woman."

As Shelton walked by juggling two plates of food, Levine told Stefani, "I have your guy." The commercial then cut to Stefani sitting at a restaurant as Shelton walked in, a development she wasn't too happy with at first. "Are you wearing spurs?" she asked him. "Did you ride a horse here?"

Shelton, Stefani and Levine coached on The Voice together for three non consecutive seasons before Levine's departure in 2019. The group has remained friends, and Shelton told Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers that he wants Levine to play at his and Stefani's upcoming wedding.

"I've kind of decided that I've been doing this a long time now and I've got a lot of favors out there," Shelton said. "He may not like it, but Adam Levine's going to have to get the band together and come and play our wedding."


"I've already seen a music video where they crash people's weddings," he continued, referencing Maroon 5's clip for "Sugar," "and he owes me a lot for just putting up with him over the years, so we can get Adam to come be our wedding band. Not maybe, we are going to." After Meyers suggested that Shelton and Stefani turn their chairs around while Maroon 5 plays, Shelton replied, "I like that idea. And plus, their music is so boring it won't distract from the festivities and the reception and all that stuff."