Black Eyed Peas Bring 3D Concert Experience to You (Exclusive)

The Black Eyed Peas are back with a brand new album and killer concert experience., Taboo and have partnered with Barefoot to bring the ultimate musical experience right into fans' homes. In an exclusive interview with for our PopCulture @ Home series, all three members, William Adams (, Allan Pineda Lindo ( and Jaime Luis Gomez (Taboo), discussed why they hopped on board for the virtual experience and why fans should too.

"When you think of like, good times, and you think of like, celebration, you think of like birthday parties or weddings or F1 races, concerts, you know, new year's, there's music and then there's champagne. Like, they go hand-in-hand," said. "We like to provide, you know, a soundtrack to these moments and a company like Barefoot provides, you know, the pick me ups for those moments, the bubblies and the sauce."

Due to the pandemic, social gatherings across the grid have come to an utter halt with a questionable end in sight. The talented musicians — who are coming off a nearly decade-long hiatus — put their passion for music and technology at the forefront. "This was a tough year. Concerts were canceled and we had to think of new ways to bring music to people," he said. Unlike those who are offering concerts or meet-and-greets via Zoom, the Black Eyed Peas took their ideas to another level.

Barefoot launched a new program called "Band Together" that releases new Black Eyed Peas music from their latest album Translation, along with a 3D performance all through augmented reality. Using the Barefoot Wine AR app, consumers can purchase any bottle of Barefoot, scan the foot on the label, and out pops a 3D version of, Taboo and The more Barefoot items in the picture, the more music consumers will hear.

"During these times, it's like, you need these little tools to just, to keep you moving, you know what I mean," detailed. "And then it's just a fun experience and technologically advanced and you know, there's a lot of things to gain from it and it's just a fun marriage and a combo on how to, you know, bring joy to people." Each label scan will give $1 to Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) and the American Cancer Society, which happens to be a very important charity to Taboo following his diagnosis with stage 2 testicular cancer in 2014.


All three members have gone through their own troubling experiences through this difficult time, but all relayed their gratitude for being able to complete most of their latest album in quarantine. Translation uses Latin inspired sounds and lyrics, along with Black Eyed Peas signature electronic sounds. "We've always been inspired by Latin rhythms since the beginning of our career, since the time that we started, you know, producing music, creating music," Taboo shared. "We had an eight-year hiatus, so for us, it was like, okay, how do we recharge our battery back and create a soundtrack for the world in this crazy period where there's a pandemic. So you know, fortunately, we were able to focus and create this amazing body of work." Taboo teased that they have "another single coming soon."

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