Blac Chyna Flashes Midsection in Thigh-High Photo Shoot

Blac Chyna posted six pictures from a photoshoot on Friday, leaving little to the imagination as she coined the hashtag "Blac Friday."

The model struck a few poses outdoors, though any neighbors around might not have been pleased with the display. Chyna wore a crop top up so high that it revealed cleavage, and a tiny pair of high-waisted boy shorts. She also had on a pair of bright red thigh-high boots, with a menacing stiletto heel.

(Photo: Instagram @blacchyna)

The shoes exposed just a few of her toes on each foot. Her tattoos were also on full display, standing out against her black clothing and silvery blond hair.

"I BEEN ON," Chyna wrote in one of the captions.

(Photo: Instagram @blacchyna)

"Nice for what," she wondered in another. All six pictures went up as separate posts, and each one carried the hashtag "Blac Friday." If the model was promoting something specific, she left no links to show for it.

It was a busy day for the social media mogul on Instagram. Earlier in the morning, she posted a promotional video for a product called the Glass Blunt. The tutorial showed how to use a marijuana product, and Chyna herself wasn't even in the video. She did, however, challenge her followers to give it a try.

"4/20 baybeee! You know what that means!" she wrote. "[YBN Almighty Jay] woke me up this morning with some Purple... Who else gettin on this #GlassBluntChallenge with me today??"

The 29-year-old model has been criticized for her attitude toward drugs in the past. Her ex, Rob Kardashian, has accused her of excessive drinking and cocaine use on several occasions, citing that as the reason that she allegedly assaulted him on Christmas day in 2016.

Chyna has no shortage of troubles of her own, but she reportedly spent this month privately revelling in the misfortune of Khloe Kardashian. Chyna is still locked in various legal battles with the Kardashians, and reportedly still blames them for the failure of her own reality show.


"Giving birth for the first time is supposed to be one of the happiest days in Khloé's life and it's the exact opposite and Chyna's reveling in her misery," a source told InTouch last week. "It's so fitting because Khloé's been extra evil to Chyna and always thought she was little miss perfect."

"Chy thinks Khloé had this coming," the insider continued. "She had to be stupid or delusional to think Tristan wouldn't do the same. When you play with dogs, sooner or later you're going to get bit."