Lawyers Demand Blac Chyna Give Deposition Over Car Crash

Blac Chyna has reportedly been avoiding any and all questions regarding a 2015 car crash, and lawyers are demanding she give a deposition.

TMZ reports that Jon Teller, the attorney for the driver of the car crash that was involved in the wreck along with Chyna's white BMW, has been trying to interview her about the incident for the past nine months, but she's either cancelled or failed to appear for the deposition four times in a row.

Teller filed legal documents this week requesting a judge demand Chyna appear for a statement and pay a fine for not showing up the first four times.

"Teller says they've been trying to work with Chyna reasonably, but have been 'stymied' at every stage ... so now he's asking a judge to step in and order Chyna to get grilled," TMZ reported. "According to the docs ... he also wants the judge to slap her with sanctions in the amount of $4,560 for her actions."

TMZ reported back in November that Chyna wasn't driving her car at the time of the wreck where the BMW hit another car carrying three passengers. The driver was reportedly her friend and Boss Nails cast member Paige Addison.

As a result, Addison was hit with a hit-and-run felony charge for the accident. Even though Addison claims Chyna was not present during the wreck, Teller believes she was and therefore could face legal backlash for fleeing the scene.

Chyna declined to comment when reached out to by TMZ.

Rob Kardashian's former girlfriend found herself in a different kind of trouble last month when a sex tape of her was leaked online. She originally claimed the woman in the video wasn't her, but the gig was up when her short-term boyfriend Mechie confirmed he was the man in the video.

"I mean, you know, I'm just letting the lawyers deal with it really," Chyna told reporters on Feb. 26. "I'm just worrying about my family and doing business."


She also said it was doubtful there were any more videos like the one that made its way online.

Chyna stepped out on the scene on March 1 with her new beau YBN Almighty Jay, claiming the two were dating. Along with being engaged to Kardashian at one point and the mother of their 1-year-old daughter Dream, Chyna also has a 5-year-old son named King Cairo she had with rapper ex-boyfriend Tyga.