Billy Idol Killed Girlfriend's Cat, New Memoir Claims

A new memoir makes the claim that '80s rock icon Billy Idol once became so angry and irate during a fight with his girlfriend that he viciously killed her kitten.

The memoir, titled Druggy Stardust and the Empress of Clubland, is written by fellow retro rock star Adam Bomb and is a detailing of the time he spent in a relationship with Claire O’Connor, the woman who was the publicist for the infamous rock venue, Limelight.

Bomb alleges that Idol was furious with his girlfriend Perri Lister because he believed she had cheated on him, as reported by Page Six.

“Claire said, ‘Billy Idol could get really vile. He got Perri a kitten, and after a nasty argument, he threw the kitten against the wall in their apartment and killed it.’ ” Bomb said. O’Connor added, “Perri’s curiosity killed the cat.”

Idol does not appear to have responded to the claims at this time.

In addition to the story of Idol's feline fatality, Bomb also wrote that he used to hang out with a pre-fame Courteney Cox.


“The VIP room at [New York club] the Ritz was a daily rock ’n’ roll party,” Bomb wrote, and added that “an attractive secretary who worked for FBI Booking with Ian Copeland was always in the VIP room looking pretty and unavailable.”

He then recalled, “Everybody wanted her, but she was always silent.”