Bill Cosby's Reaction To Mistrial Verdict Revealed

With the news that Bill Cosby's rape trial was declared a mistrial, there have been plenty of reactions, and now we have the reaction of Cosby himself.

As the 79-year-old exited the courthouse having avoided a conviction on the three felony charges of aggravated sexual assault, for the time being, he appeared to have a blank, expressionless look on his face.

While he did have a small group of supporters present and chanting his name, the number of media outlets on site to cover the trial far outnumbered them.

As first reported by The Wrap, Cosy kept his solemn demeanor until right before exiting the courthouse grounds, when he raised his fist and smiled.

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While Cosby never took the stand during the trial, on Friday he did give a statement to reporters outside the courtroom.

He said, "I just want to wish all of the fathers a Happy Father's Day and I want to thank all of the jury for their long days, their honest work individually. I also want to thank the supporters who've been here and please to the supporters, stay calm, do not argue with people, just keep up the great support. Thank you all. Thank you."

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Cosby's wife Camille released a prepared statement herself, following the mistrial ruling.

She wrote, "How do I describe the District Attorney? Heinously and exploitively ambitious. How do I describe the judge? Overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the District Attorney. How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical. How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truths for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life."

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Following the verdict reading, the district attorney firmly stated, "Your honor, we will retry this case."

Cosby will remain free on bail until another trial is scheduled.