Bill Cosby: Major Update on Comedian's Controversial Comeback Tour

Bill Cosby's comedy tour is no longer a go. The Cosby Show star's longtime rep Andrew Wyatt cites the tour's cancellation is due to the risk that "America's favorite dad" could say something on stage that could be used against him in the court of law amid an ongoing sexual assault lawsuit. The tour is on hold indefinitely. 

Wyatt told TMZ that Cosby had plans to launch a comedy tour, but as of now, there's no rescheduled date in sight. Judy Huth has filed a civil lawsuit against Cosby, with TMZ noting that Huth sued Cosby in 2014 for sexual assault. She alleges the television icon assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in the '70s when she was just 15. Cosby denies the allegations. The suit was halted as Cosby faced off with Andrea Constand, whom he was convicted of assault but released on a technicality in July of this year. Now, Huth will have her day in court, with a trial date set for Spring 2022.

Wyatt promises the cancelation is not because of a lack of interest in Cosby. He previously told media outlets that "the world wants to see Mr. Cosby." The comedy tour's cancellation per Wyatt is just out of caution and protection of his client. 

In the meantime, those who do want to see Cosby can look forward to other projects. Wyatt revealed on Thursday, Sept. 9 that Cosby is in ongoing talks with producers to create a new television show. He's also reportedly working on a book that will detail his life behind bars - as well as a five-part docuseries that chronicles his life, his legacy as a television icon, and his trial and experience in prison. Interviews with loved ones and cultural contributors have already been conducted for the docuseries.