Beyonce Victim of Million-Dollar Heist

Beyonce was reportedly the victim of a major heist, according to TMZ. The publication reported [...]

Beyonce was reportedly the victim of a major heist, according to TMZ. The publication reported that three of Beyonce's storage units were broken into. The thieves are said to have made off with around $1,000,000 of stolen goods.

TMZ's law enforcement sources said that the burglars broke into three storage units in the Los Angeles area that belong to the famous singer. They reportedly broke into the storage units twice over the course of March. As for what they made out with, TMZ reported that the storage units were filled with expensive handbags and dresses. It should be noted that the storage units were being rented by Beyonce's production company, Parkwood Entertainment. However, all of the items that were found missing did belong to the singer. Following their first heist, the burglars came back to the same storage facility within the same week. They reportedly took handbags, kids toys, and photos that belong to one of the "Halo" singer's stylists.

The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating this crime. At this time, no arrests have been made. TMZ reported that these sorts of crimes are on the rise in the Los Angeles area. Not only has Beyonce been a target of this crime, but Miley Cyrus also had items stolen from her storage space. In late January, it was reported that Cyrus' L.A.-based storage unit was broken into a few weeks prior. The thieves in that case reportedly made off with clothes, family photos, and other mementos. There was no dollar amount for the items that were stolen from the singer. Apparently, Cyrus was not the specific target for this crime. In addition to her storage unit, other units in the same facility were broken into.

Unfortunately, for Cyrus, this wasn't the first time that one of her storage units was broken into. In December 2018, TMZ reported that someone broke into one of Cyrus' storage units in the San Fernando Valley area. They reportedly stole a slew of pricey guitars, as the total value of the missing items was $10,000. At the time, it was unclear when the heist occurred. Cyrus reportedly thought that a member of her family had borrowed them at first. She later realized that they were stolen.