'Beverly Hills Cop' Fans Reach out to Heather Parkhurst After She's Mauled by Pit Bulls

Fans of Heather Parkhurst are reaching out to her after she was mauled by two of her own dogs on [...]

Fans of Heather Parkhurst are reaching out to her after she was mauled by two of her own dogs on Friday evening. The actress, who appeared in Beverly Hills Cop III back in 1994, was rushed to the hospital by husband Mark Nason after two of her pit bulls started fighting with one another. She suffered from crushed bones in her hand, as well as torn ligaments and several deep cuts all over her arm.

Things started when Parkhurst was petting their 7-month-old dog, Baby, when their 8-month-old dog, Buddha, got jealous and lunged for Baby. Unfortunately, the actress found herself caught in the middle. While she recovers from her injuries, fans have offered their condolences to the actress, and defending pit bulls in the process.

"Breaking up fighting dogs can result in wounds unto human," wrote one commenter. "They did not attack her they were defending [their] territorial behavior. The pups are trying to determine alpha placement, she just got in the way!"

Another pointed out that "Dogs do get jealous, and one wrong look sometimes is all it takes before a smackdown." They added that one should "never physically get in between dogs fighting REGARDLESS of the breed."

A third pointed out that "Pitbulls aren't the enemy," adding "it's the environment and owners that they are raised by."

Despite the attack, Nason has said that the couple has every intention of keeping both of their dogs because they are huge pit bull advocates. Those who aren't fans of the controversial dog breed were less sympathetic. "Pit bulls are only good at one thing. Mauling their own owners," tweeted one user, while another called their decision "absolute mental illness."

This is also the second medical scare Parkhurst experienced that made headlines. Back in 2015, Parkhurst appeared on the reality series Botched to help with reconstructing her breasts. After the surgery, however, she fell ill with a flesh-eating disease caused by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, also known as MRSA. She spent 18 months recovering and eventually had her implants removed.

She later spoke on the show about how the incident ended up costing her acting gigs.

A former member of the Swedish Bikini Team, Parkhurst started acting in the early 1990s, landing roles in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Married with Children before scoring the part of Annihilator Girl in the third Beverly Hills Cop flick. Her last credited role was in a 2009 episode of the FX comedy series, The League.