Heather Parkhurst, 'Beverly Hills Cop' Actress, Mauled by Her Pit Bulls

Beverly Hills Cop III actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst was attacked by her own pit bulls after the two pups turned on each other. According to TMZ, her husband, Mark Nason, explained that the terrifying incident happened Friday evening inside their West Hollywood home. Just before the actress got caught in the middle of what ended in a gory outcome, she was petting their 7-month-old pit, Baby, when their 8-month-old pit, Buddha, got jealous. As a result, Buddha started growling and that's when the dog lunged for Baby. Unfortunately, the dog got a hold of Parkhurst's arm when it turned violent.

Following the scary turn of events, Parkhurst was rushed to the hospital in a bloody mess. She suffered several injuries such as crushed bones in her hand, torn ligaments and several deep cuts all over her arm. In pictures that the outlet shared to their site, fans can tell that her arm is incredibly swollen and bruised.

As a result of her injuries, the 52-year-old will require almost a year of therapy to recovery from the trauma. For now, doctors have put in pins and stitched her up while she remains in the hospital. And as for the dogs, Nason says they have every intention on keeping their dogs because they are huge pit bull advocates.

Several fans have reached out to wish her well while going through the difficult time.

Someone else said they fear it might happen again, since the two are decided to keep their dogs, sharing their own experience, writing, "Good luck. I had to give up one of mine when that happened. Once they fight. They hate each other and it will happen again. Sucks. But some dogs just don't get along with each other. Like people."

Another fan just used heart emojis to send their love for the actress.


This isn't the first time Parkhurst has stayed in the hospital for a serious condition, the actress who's also been featured in shows like NYPD Blue and Married with Children had a near death experience after falling victim to a flesh eating disease. Back in 2015, she appeared on on the reality series Botched featuring Los Angeles-based surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, to help with reconstructing her breasts. However, following the surgery, she fell ill with a flesh-eating disease caused by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus [MRSA]. It took her 18-months to recover from falling so ill and as a result, was forced to have her implants taken out.

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty.