Bethenny Frankel Says She Accidentally Texted Late Boyfriend Dennis Shields

Bethenny Frankel sent an accidental text to late boyfriend Dennis Shields, she said Saturday, [...]

Bethenny Frankel sent an accidental text to late boyfriend Dennis Shields, she said Saturday, admitting that the experience was "odd."

The accidental text came almost two months after Shields was found dead of a suspected overdose at his apartment in Trump Tower.

"I just accidentally sent dennis a text," she tweeted Saturday. "It was about him to a bff. That was odd."

After a fan wrote that "he heard you," the Skinnygirl founder shared another mysterious moment that had to do with Shields and technology.

"Something else very weird happened. I was texting w one of his friends and it said 'handwritten text' and read 'hurry the f— up' but neither of us wrote that nor do we even know how to hand write on a text. How bizarre?" she wrote.

Frankel has been open about how she is dealing with her grief in the wake of Shields' death. She told PEOPLE that she's staying busy by helping victims of Hurricane Florence, just as she did for victims of hurricanes Harvey and Maria last year. She also said she's trying to work through her emotional pain at the same time.

"The work I am doing for hurricane relief is a good outlet, but I'm trying to not get too immersed and not avoid the grieving the process and feeling. I am going through an emotional storm and must go through and not around it," the Real Housewives of New York City star said.

She continued: "People are suffering way more than I am. People have helped me get through my despair with their love and inspiration and now it is my turn."

She told E! News at the launch of her Skinnygirl Jeans collection that it has been a "difficult summer" and that Shields was a "big cheerleader" for her and her brand.

"I was talking about it when we were getting ready. I'm like 'Dennis is here today. He would be so proud.' I mean, he really, really would. He would be counting the jeans we're selling as we speak," she said at the launch.

Last month, she said that a "grief diet" is the reason behind her recent weight loss after one of her Instagram followers asked if she had been losing weight.

"Death will do that to a person #griefdiet. I don't recommend it," she responded.

Frankel, 47, and Shields, 51, began dating in 2016 after Frankel's divorce from Jason Hoppy was finalized. The two had been friends for almost 30 years before their relationship turned romantic.