Beth Chapman, 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star, Reveals Vicious Troll's DM's to Her

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman has revealed some DM messages that a vicious troll has been sending her.

Taking to Twitter, Chapman shared a screenshot of the messages wherein the woman called her "nothing but a TV personality."

Chapman's response was to let the troll know that she had been "blocked" because she refuses to "put up with this kinda bulls— outta anyone."

Following back a trail of tweets between the woman and a fan of Chapman's, the issue seems to to have began when the woman tweeted out, "Beth Chapman ain't nothing but a fake TV personality," and tagged the Dog's Most Wanted star in the tweet.

A fan fired back in defense of Chapman, saying, "Not sure what evil troll Planet you are living on but a fake TV personality she is not! Her shows have been on the air for 15 plus years thinking you to go back and do your homework troll."

"You know I'm so happy she has all these great friends, nice and polite,wouldn't put down anybody just try to help people! Thank you for reconfirming my thoughts about her and the people around her," the woman later added. "What you said to me is exactly what I thought would come from people like that."

"This will be the last time I replied to you and I will leave it be," the defending fan then said. "If you misinterpreted me calling you a troll as picking on your looks you are off base. I was meaning you are an Internet troll that gets on here to disparage people in a public forum."


Eventually Chapman intervened and has since seen an overwhelming display of support from her true fans.