Bella Thorne Blasted for 'Glamorizing' Physical Abuse With Bloody Halloween Makeup

Bella Thorne has been getting blasted online over her bloody Halloween makeup look, for what some have claimed is "glamorizing" physical abuse. In the photo, Thorne appears to have a bloody lip and a bruised eye. In the caption she wrote, "Hire me for your Halloween makeup I got u boo." The image has been very controversial among Instagram users, with many claiming that they see her Halloween look as being insensitive toward domestic abuse victims.

“Why is glamorizing being physically abused culturally appropriate during Halloween?” one upset user asked, while another agreed, “I'm not the only one who thinks it's insensitive.”

“I don’t understand the point of this. Is she trying to be a battered woman? F—ed,” someone else wrote, with a fourth user adding, “I just find this post slightly triggering and surprising as she is a strong spokeswoman against abuse and such.”

“Looks like domestic violence to me,” one more user wrote in a comment.

While many were upset about the look, other fans applauded Thorne for what they saw as highly-skilled makeup talents.

"Girl is this really makeup because it looks real asf and I want to beat up whoever did it to you," one supportive fan wrote. "Gurl you scared me for a second. I thought I was gonna have to beat somebody up," another added.

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Notably, 2019 has been a big year for Thorne, as she made her directorial debut by helming the adult film Her and Him for Pornhub.

In a trailer for the project, Thorne opened up about what it was like to take on such a unique behind-the-scenes role, saying, “The process of shooting was quite interesting because had, you know, real-life [expletive] on set, which I have never shot before.”

"What inspired me to do this movie was thinking about this relationship between a male and a female and this fight over dominance and how much that relates to us in our general world, besides just a sexual scenario," Thorne said. "My vision behind the story was basically creating these two dynamic characters that could switch off between dominant and submissive."


Her and Him made its premiere on Sept. 15, at The Oldenburg Film Festival held in Germany, and then later debuted on the adult video streaming site.

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