'Embarrassed' Bam Margera Heads to Rehab After DUI

Bam Margera is heading into rehab after he was arrested on Sunday for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The 38-year-old skateboarder and former star of Jackass was stopped in California, and was ultimately taken from the scene in handcuffs. Little is known about what exactly happened during the arrest, but Margera is reportedly "embarrassed" about the whole development.

"He decided to go to rehab in LA so we're putting that program into place," said Margera's mother, April. She spoke to Page Six about the arrest on Tuesday. "How long he stays is to be determined but he'll want to keep that private."

"He feels a lot better," she added. "He had a bad night. He's embarrassed by it. He's mad at himself for being stupid. Now he just wants to pick up the pieces and move forward for himself and for his family."

Margera and his wife, Nicole Boyd, welcomed their first into the world last month. Phoenix Wolf was born on Dec. 22.

"As parents we're trying to step back right now and let this person that we trust and other trusted professionals take over," April went on.

"Don't be so quick to judge other people. Everybody has a different story and everybody is going through different things. It's not an instant fix. He's been seeing therapists. There are going to be hiccups when you're battling addiction. You're not going to be 100 percent successful the first time. He's getting a handle and the upside of this thing. He's learning as he goes," April added.

During the course of the interview, April admitted that even she doesn't know exactly what happened when police stopped her son on the road. Margera has historically suffered from alcohol-related issues and bulimia.