Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Furry Help to Promote 'Social Distancing' in New Video Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one among several celebrities encouraging everyone to practice safe social distancing and to not take the coronavirus lightly. The Terminator actor already shared his hand washing technique with his dog, and now since California has curfews in place to stop the spread of the virus he's back and is using a few of his furry friends to help spread awareness on how everyone can still enjoy their time at home.

"See the important thing is, is that you're staying at home, because there's a curfew now," he started his video off alongside his pet donkey and a miniature pony. "No one is allowed out, especially someone who is like 72 years old. After you're 65 you're not allowed out of the house anymore in California, so we stay home and we eat here."

During the video, Schwarzenegger was trying to feed his pets as they kept moving around while the cute video was being shot. He shared with his viewers what he was feeding Whiskey and LuLu in the video as both of them begged him for food.

"... See that's what we do, we don't go out, we don't go to restaurants, we don't do anything like that anymore here. We just eat. With Whiskey and LuLu, we have a good time, we get entertained," he said before commenting on the "beautiful smile" LuLu has.

Schwarzenegger then said it was much more fun staying in with his four-legged friends than going outside to expose himself to the deadly virus.

With more than 181,000 cases of the coronavirus, with a reported 7,128 deaths and counting, people worldwide are either being forced or encouraged to stay inside and away from social settings until things are under control with the virus. So far, several celebrities have come forward saying they have been diagnosed with it, including actor Idris Elba who just announced his diagnosis today.

"Hey, what's up, guys. So look, this morning I got some test results for coronavirus, and it came back positive. Yeah, and it sucks. Listen, I'm doing okay. Sabrina hasn't been tested, and she's doing okay."


The actor went on to encourage his fans to stay in and keep up with washing their hands because this should not be taken lightly. He also revealed that while hey does have the virus, he got tested after coming in contact with someone on Friday who tested positive, but he still doesn't have symptoms.