Anne Heche Injured and Severely Burned in Car Crash, Rushed to Hospital

UPDATE: Anne Heche remains hospitalized following the shocking crash. More details have come about the immediate response to the accident and fire. This includes how neighbors tried to free the actress from the car before the smoke grew too strong.

The actress is still in the ICU and has a "long road" ahead to recover from her injuries. Then there is also the inevitable charges she's likely to face after her release.


Anne Heche has been reportedly injured after a car crash in Los Angeles, leaving her hospitalized. According to TMZ, Heche was reportedly behind the wheel of a blue Mini Cooper and crashed into the garage of an apartment complex in the Mar Vista area of the city.

Heche alerted the residents at the apartment complex with the accident, sparking some to attempt to help her out of the car. She reportedly put the car into reverse and sped off, later hitting a home and igniting a fire that engulfed the home and left her trapped.

TMZ takes a few liberties with the photos of the vehicle and its contents, alleging that there may have been alcohol in the car. But the official word is that Heche was rushed to the hospital with severe burns, with aerial photos catching her with charred clothing while on a stretcher being lifted into the back of an ambulance.

The entire situation was captured by local news cameras, with video showing Heche rise up from the stretcher and grab at her legs before being lifted into the ambulance.

Before TMZ reported Heche as the driver, viewers of KTLA felt they were seeing another strange traffic incident take place. Now we know it was a Dancing With the Stars alum, former Harrison Ford co-star, and former partner to Ellen DeGeneres.

TMZ adds that Heche was being treated for "severe burns" and was "currently in the hospital intubated but expected to live." The outlet also notes that her condition makes it impossible to properly test her for any alcohol in her system.

"We really had a multifaceted incident here," Erik Scott, LAFD captain, told the media. "We had a significant traffic collision, we had entrapment of a woman inside that, we had car that erupted into fire, and then we had a home that had significant fire that is red tagged. It's at this point destroyed."

KTLA adds that Heche was registered as the owner of the vehicle. It was completely destroyed in the blaze and whatever action needed to be taken after Heche was rescued from the car.