Angelina Jolie Debuts Meaningful New Tattoo in Italian

Angelina Jolie has a number of tattoos, and the actress and humanitarian recently added to her collection, revealing her new ink during a trip to New York City earlier this week. Photographs obtained by Page Six show Jolie's new tattoo to be a quote from astronomer Galileo Galilei on her forearm, which Jolie displayed while wearing a white t-shirt and gray skirt.

The ink reads "Eppur si muove," which is Italian for "And yet it moves." The quote is dated to 1633, when Galilei was on trial for suspicion of heresy and was forced to recant his theory that the Earth orbits around the sun. The astronomer was said to have muttered to the inquisitors, "Eppur si muove," and the phrase has since come to mean that the truth will one day prevail. Jolie's new tattoo was placed directly above the matching tattoos that she and ex-husband Brad Pitt both have, a quote by Rumi that reads "There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there."

(Photo: Getty / James Devaney)

Along with the two quotes on her forearm, Jolie reportedly has around 16 tattoos including coordinates representing her six children, vertical rows of script on her back, Gothic script that reads "Know your rights," a Buddhist temple design, a grid design representing four continents and the four elements and an ancient Buddhist mantra said to bring luck and wealth.

"They're body art," Jolie told Australian magazine Post-Modern Ink in 2010 of her tattoos. "I don't think it's abnormal that someone who spends their life in other skins wants to claim their own by marking things on it that matter to them."


She also has a quote on her left elbow that reads, "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages," and Jolie told Harper's Bazaar in 2019 that her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, inspired the ink. "I got it when I was 20. I was with my mom one evening, and I was feeling lost," she recalled. "I was restless — always. I still am. We were driving to dinner, and she talked about spending time with Tennessee Williams and how much she loved his words. She told me he wrote that, about the wild at heart. We drove to a tattoo parlor, and I got it inked on my left arm. What she did for me that night was to remind me that the wild within me is alright and a part of me."