Alicia Silverstone Poses Nude in New PETA Campaign

Alicia Silverstone is ditching her clothes to remind the world of her dedication to animal rights. The Clueless actress, 46, stripped down to just her boots for PETA's new "Prickly" campaign, which urges people to wear vegan leathers made of plant-based materials as opposed to animal skins. "DON'T BE A PRICK," the ad reads. "Wear Vegan. Buy cactus, mushroom or apple leather instead!" 

"I never, ever, get naked in TV, in film, nothin', never, nope – but I've done it for PETA because that's how much it matters to me," Silverstone explains in a behind-the-scenes video of her dedication to spreading PETA's message. "The amount of resources, water, food, oil for transport, the amount of energy that goes into making leather is extraordinary. It's just not sustainable. The Earth can't handle it." 

"My dream is to get these vegan, earth-friendly materials into the hands of famous designers," she continues in the video, which follows the shoot. "I'd rather go naked than wear animals." Silverstone's new ad campaign with PETA will launch on a billboard in Times Square ahead of the New Year's Eve ball drop.

The Crush actress went vegan in 1999 and has since spoken out about animal rights a number of times, baring all previously for PETA in the name of speaking out against animal cruelty. Silverstone appeared nude for the nonprofit's 2020 ad campaign, and earlier this year, the star appeared fully clothed in PETA's "Good as Hell" campaign alongside 11-year-old son Bear to urge people to stop consuming animal products and instead follow a vegan diet.

Silverstone has been vocal about the benefits of raising her son with a vegan diet. "I've never had to raise my voice to Bear," The Kind Diet author told Us Weekly in 2019. "I can just say 'no, thank you' and we respect each other and listen to each other. So much of that is because he's not ... a lot of it is the parenting, but a lot of it is the food. When your kid feels good, they act well." She continued that while motherhood takes "every morsel of your being" she finds that eating a plant-based diet helps her have "more presence to enjoy him."