'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rain Brown Concerns Fans With Post About Not Being Able to Get out of Bed

Alaskan Bush People daughter Rain Brown has fans concerned, after she posted on Instagram about [...]

Alaskan Bush People daughter Rain Brown has fans concerned, after she posted on Instagram about not being able to get out of bed.

The post in question features a photo of Brown laying in bed with her cat, as the two lovingly cuddle one another.

"Some days are so bad all you can do is lay in bed. On those days it helps to have an angel by your side. Love you mr PT bardum, you're my strength," she wrote in the post's caption, then adding the hashtags "#staystrong #stayhappy #itsokaynottobeokay."

(Photo: Rain Brown / Instagram)

Many of Brown's fans have taken to commenting on her post, with a number of them showering her with support and encouragement.

"I'm sorry you're not doing well! It really is okay not to be okay," one person wrote, later adding. "I love your outlook on life too.. I think you're all just really great people and I wish you all nothing but the best."

"Hey you are my hero, your inner light is different, it means you are a real warrior like a super powerful girl," another person commented. "I know sometimes is not really easy but it is possible. Keep going beautiful don't give up, you can do it."

"Your (sic) a beautiful woman and warrior! Your Mom fought hard and stayed strong for her loving husband and children and I am sure she would want you to do the same," someone else said. "I am also fighting lung cancer in my right lung and your mom is my inspiration and God and prayers and doctors are my healing force. Believe in yourself and God!"

Brown has not been secretive about her mental health struggles, previously posting message to fans about how she needed time away from filming Alaskan Bush People in order to get some clarity.

"A little bit ago I was given a week off from work, I had been working almost non stop for about a year, I showed up on time I worked I laughed and I reluctantly took the weekends off, even though I was proud of how hard I was working I was also not taking a lot of time for my mental health," Brown said in the post. "I got very caught up in the daily stresses and struggles of life and had no time to just be me, and I'm not gonna lie, I lost sight of my values, who I was, and who I wanted to be."

"I've spent the last week painting, cooking, cleaning, driving, hiking, eating, catching up with friends, and my favorite, spending time with the people I love," she added. "Standing here at the end of my week with a clear mind and a very full heart, I say. If you find yourself overthinking, overwhelmed, and just plain stressed? Take a break. Rebuild yourself, find yourself again and I promise you, you will come out better in the end. I love you all and God bless my lovely's."

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 concluded in 2018, with the series likely to return sometime in 2019.