Adele Showers Nicole Richie With Love in Hilarious Birthday Montage

Adele is sending her love to Nicole Richie on her birthday in a hilarious way. Shortly after [...]

Adele is sending her love to Nicole Richie on her birthday in a hilarious way. Shortly after Richie celebrated her 39th birthday, the Grammy-winning singer, 32, took to Instagram with a belated birthday tribute, sharing a montage of video clips and images of them together.

Wishing a happy birthday to her "daily dose of grace," Adele added, "I admire you and love you so much." She called Richie, a designer for the House of Harlow 1960, "the epitome of self preservation, self love and absolute savagery" and said that she is "so so cherished by so many angel girl!" Adele added, "keep making us laugh babes, we adore you to the moon and back."

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The gallery included a number of images, including photos of them with a giraffe, dressed to the nines, and hanging with friends. It kicked off with a single video, which showed Richie crouching behind a couch in wait. As Adele walked into the room, Richie jumped out, yelling "boo," causing the singer scream in fear. Thankfully, there were no hard feelings, because the clip also showed Adele bending down to give her friend a hug once she regained her composure, though she could be heard muttering, "for f–s sake."

The birthday tribute sparked a flurry of responses from fans, with one person writing, "wow this friendship just made my year better." Another person joked, "Nicole and Adele being best friends? That's hot!" For her part, Richie responded in much the same way Adele had in the clip, writing, "for f–s sake."

While the post drew plenty of laughs, it also sparked a flurry of comments from fans questioning when the singer plans on releasing new music. Her last album, "25," came out in 2015, and fans have eagerly been awaiting more music ever since. The singer had offered some hope in February while performing at her best friend's wedding, during which PEOPLE reported she told friends to "expect my album in September." In June, the singer seemed to suggest that the album's release was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing an image of herself singing into a microphone, one fans asked, "Teaser? Albums coming out today???!!!! Tell me now!!!!" Adele responded by writing, "Of course it's not. Corona ain't over. I'm quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient." Any hope that an album would be coming this month was squashed in August after the mom-of-one replied to another fan asking "where's the album?" with, "I honestly have no idea."