Adam Sandler Not Returning for 'Hotel Transylvania 4' — Meet the New Dracula

Adam Sandler will not be returning for Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, but the new voice taking over has been revealed. Brian Hull will now be the voice of Dracula and he took to social media to announce the exciting news. After the trailer dropped in mid-May, Hull took to his YouTube channel to announce that he is now the famous voice.

"I have huge news to deliver to y'all, that I have been holding in for far too long!" he said. "But the trailer just got dropped today and I can finally talk about it. I am going to be the voice of Dracula for the fourth Hotel Transylvania movie: Hotel Transylvania: Transformania! This is real y'all!" This isn't his first time playing the role of Dracula — although it is his first time in a huge feature like this. He noted in his video that he voiced Dracula in a short film called Monster Pets as well.

Hull has been sharing his voice talents with his followers for years. In fact, in 2015, he was going through a Q&A on his page when one follower asked if he had been offered any big opportunities to voice a character for a feature film. At the time he said he hadn't so far, but was working with an agent to try and crack open the voice-over opportunities. Ironically enough, he did shoot a commercial that year on behalf of SONY that was for Hotel Transylvania 2. The ad ran during The Voice, and because the studio didn't want to pay Sandler a lot of money to read just a few lines, they used Hull instead. Little did he know at the time he'd have the opportunity to play Dracula in one of their feature films.

While this is exciting news for Hull, it's still not clear on why Sandler isn't returning as the famous character — although the legendary actor has been busy with several projects. Sandler's production company Happy Madison is behind the new Netflix film Home Team. The movie is loosely inspired by the New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and his experience being suspended from the NFL. Payton was suspended in March 2012, which caused him to miss the entire season.


His suspension was a result of him being accused of trying to cover up a system of extra cash payouts given to his players for targeting opposing players. Payton wasn't the only one that got into trouble that year either. The team's defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was banned, the team was fined $500,000 and their second-round draft pick was taken away for 2013.