Adam Sandler Addresses Speculation Surrounding 'Big Daddy' Sequel Upon Reunion With Cole Sprouse

Big Daddy star Adam Sandler recently reunited with one of his one screen sons — Cole Sprouse — from the film, and took a minute to addressed speculation surrounding a possible sequel to the 1999 comedy. While in attendance at the premiere for his new film, Uncut Gems, Sandler spoke with ET's Lauren Zima, who informed him that Sprouse was present for the premiere also. "Cole, is he here?! I can't wait to see him," Sandler replied. He then commented on the idea of revisiting the film they were in together by joking, "I won't do that to him. He's doing fine," seemingly referring to the fact that Sprouse had had a lot of success on The CW's Riverdale.

The iconic comedy film starred Sandler as a slacker who winds up having to care for a child who is literally dropped off on his doorstep. The boy was played by Sprouse and his twin brother Dylan. Fans will remember that the pair also starred as Ben, Ross' son, in Friends.

This is not the first time this year that Sandler has spoken about working with the Sprouse brothers, as back in June he told ET, "I remember the boys. I remember Cole and Dylan being great little boys. When I see them now, I'm baffled at how they grew into handsome bastards."

Earlier this month, The Hollywood Reporter published a round table discussion between Sandler and a number of other A list actors.

During the conversation, the topic of laughing on camera came up, and Sandler confessed, "I tell you, when I have to laugh in a movie, I can't do that. I never pull that one off. I'm like, 'Somebody else better laugh hard. I can't do it.' If my character is supposed to have a genuine laughing moment, I'd rather get a genuine anything else."


When asked if he found it " cry" on camera, Sandler replied, " Maybe, maybe not. I'm not great at crying either," with a laugh, then added, "When it's written in a script, 'And then he breaks down,' that really gets me tense for a while. Every time I see somebody breaking down, I'm like, 'Oh man, that's incredible.'"

Uncut Gems is playing in theaters now, and opens in wider release later this month.