Actress Nida Patcharaveerapong Dies After Falling From Boat

Nida Patcharaveerapong, a Thai actress who starred in movies and television shows, died from a tragic boating accident in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok on Feb. 24. She was 37. Patcharaveerapong's mother, Panida Sirayuthyothin, recently asked officials to conduct a second autopsy, although police believe no foul play was involved in her daughter's death.

Patcharaveerapong was reportedly on a boat with her friends, traveling to a restaurant when she fell into the river. Her friends realized she was missing and spent 20 minutes searching for her, reports The Sun. They called the police, who then sent 30 divers to search the area. Patcharaveerapong's brother, Dais Dejjab, joined the search and reportedly saw "something floating" in the water. This later turned out to be Patcharaveerapong's body.

"The pain everyone in the family is going through is unbearable. We loved our sister so much and she brought us so much happiness," Dejjab reportedly said. "I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. I came to take her back home now."

"Before that night she went missing I suddenly thought about her. I wanted to call her. When I heard the news, I could not believe it. I still hoped it wasn't her," Sirayuthyothin said.

During a news conference on March 1, Pol Lt-Gen Jirapat Phumichit said Patcharaveerapong died by drowning. Patcharaveerapong had a deep cut on her left leg, which Phumichit said was caused by a boat propeller, reports Thai PBS World. At that time, Phumichit said police did not believe the statements from the five other people on the boat. There were other wounds and bruises on the actress' body, but a doctor at the press conference said these injuries could have been sustained five to seven days before the accident. There was also sand found in Patcharaveerapong's lungs, which could be evidence that she drowned, forensic expert Dr. Werasak Charaschaisri told Thai PBS.

On March 8, the case took another turn when police said they had no evidence of foul play during a press conference, reports Thai PBS. A spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police Pol Maj-Gen Yingyos Thepjumnong said their evidence suggests negligence. The boat owner and helmsman were both charged with negligence causing death to another person, but no one else on the boat on the night of Patcharaveerapong's death is facing criminal charges yet. The spokesperson said Patcharaveerapong's friends admitted they drank but did not say what they drank. As for the cut on Patcharaveerapong's leg, the spokesperson said it could not yet be determined if the cut was caused before or after she died.

Meanwhile, Patcharaveerapong's family met with the Thai Senate's human rights committee to make sure there was transparency during the police investigation. On Monday, the committee agreed to look into the case, reports the Bangkok Post. Senator Somchai Sawaengkan said the committee plans to interview police officials in response to the criticism of their investigation.

On March 12, Sirayuthyothin's layer, Kritsana Sriboonpimsuey, told the media Patcharaveerapong's mother wanted a second autopsy performed and urged the media to help get that done, reports Thai PBS. Another lawyer representing Patcharaveerapong's mother planned to visit the Central Institute of Forensic Science on Monday to perform the second autopsy. Patcharaveerapong's mother is curious to learn more about the wounds on her daughter's body and wants a further explanation for them, Sirayuthyothin's attorney said.

Patcharaveerapong was a popular television star who went by the nickname Tangmo. She made her television debut in 2003. She also starred in a handful of movies, including the 2005 horror film Ghost of Mae Nak