Aaron Carter Teases Possible Pregnancy, Engagement News

Aaron Carter has teased a possible pregnancy reveal from him and his girlfriend, as well as shared some engagement news.

In a tweet to a fan, Carter dropped hints that he may be both a father and a husband soon.

"They're not. I'm in such an amazing place mentally, physically & emotionally," Carter said in response to the fan encouraging him to not let internet trolls get him down, adding, "I finally bought my first home and I'm going to be proposing soon to my gf and we might just be expecting..."

Carter did not stop there, as another tweet to a friend seemed to imply that he was not only going to be a dad, but a dad to twins.

"Love you too brother man!!!! Can't wait to see you and your misses and your beautiful daughter we might just be TWINNING SOON," he wrote, including emjois of a king, queen, baby and ring. "My woman and I can't wait to spend some quality time with you."

The "That's How I Beat Shaq" rapper dropped another hint about his potential fatherhood while responding to another fan who tweeted apologies to him over some of her countrymen speaking harshly about him over some canceled concert dates in the United Kingdom.

"Extremely rude. Very disappointing. People are just trying to see me break when it's not gonna happen," he tweeted back to the fan. "I have a lovely woman by myside and we're very excited about our future and our family we are starting."


At this time, Carter does not appear to be "officially" engaged, and it is not confirmed if he and his girlfriend are expecting.