Aaron Carter Fans in Uproar After Singer Postpones Concerts

Some Aaron Carter fans are in an uproar right now, after the singer postponed a number of concerts in the United Kingdom.

On Nov. 19, Carter posted a screenshot of an email from Gigs and Tours.com, reading, "Due to circumstances outside of Aaron's control he has had to postpone his UK tour. All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. Whilst he can't commit to rescheduled dates at the present, Aaron hope to see his UK fans soon."

Following the announcement, a number of fans took to airing their grievances over the tour cancellation directly at the singer.

"Upon reading this, last I checked you are able to commit to your concert dates, rescheduled or not, [the f—]? And I know they said it was outside of your control, but to add that you had to reschedule them doesn't make any sense, when it wasn't you cancelling or rescheduling," one person tweeted to Carter.

"Probably due to losing too many fans after calling them names on social media or poor ticket sales," another person commented. "You bring it all on yourself hun."

Carter has not let the grievances go without response, however, and the singer has been replying to many of the complaints directly.

"I didn’t cancel ANYTHING the promoters postponed the shows NOT ME. my fans need to have more respect for me in the UK 🇬🇧 I’m a human being & I’ve spent my whole life trying to make all you guys happy. It’s completely unfair," he said in response to a since-deleted tweet from a presumed upset fan.

Subsequently, Carter also shared that he is happy with his life, and that he and his girlfriend are planning to get engaged and start a family.


He has not commented on when or if the UK tour date swill be rescheduled.

Photo credit: Getty