50 Cent Slams 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent, Accuses Her and Fiance Randall Emmett of Drug Use

Rapper 50 Cent took another shot at Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent on Friday with a fresh [...]

Rapper 50 Cent took another shot at Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent on Friday with a fresh accusation. He claimed that the Kent and her fiance, Randall Emmett, are heavy drug users, and offered fans his typical mocking commentary.

The rapper posted a screenshot of a news story about Kent on Instagram to kick off his weekend rampage. It concerned Kent's claim that she had "receipts" to prove she had "bruised his ego" during their feud. As he geared up to go after Kent, 50 Cent advised fans: "now don't say she didn't ask for it when I start tripping."

The next post was a screenshot of an article about Kent's rock-bottom moment, when she was reportedly "drunk four days straight." In his post, 50 Cent suggested that this was why she was misstating the details of their feud.

"She must be on some drunk h—, I don't remember type s—," he wrote.

"Have a drink, hit da powda, have a drink, hit da poweda have a drink hit da powda 4 days straight," he added in a separate comment.

The next post was a photo of Emmett and Kent in bed together, with 50 Cent's own fictional dialogue written in the caption. In it, Emmett apologized to 50 Cent, saying: "this b— is drunk and high. I told her to put that damn phone down she don't listen." In his own voice he replied: "shut the f— up Randell."

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🤔this scum bag’s talking about his sex life. SORRY FOFTY, no fuck you Randell. LOL #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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After that, 50 Cent posted two short clips from Vanderpump Rules, mocking Kent, Emmett and their relationship. The first was a confessional where Kent described her first meeting with Emmett, saying she "let him hit it the first night."

"Then he falls in LOVE with the h—," 50 Cent added in his next post, "and they live drunk and high happily ever after."
In other posts, 50 Cent mocked Emmett's "neck butt," his sex life and his social skills, saying that people "don't want to take a picture with you d— head s—." All in all, this is more of the same in the celebrity feud that is coming to be known as "fofty."

The whole ordeal began with 50 Cent claiming that Emmett owed him $1 million. After exchanging barbs on Instagram, Emmett actually paid the debt and he and 50 Cent moved on from it. However, Kent's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live proved that the wound is still fresh for the rapper.

On the show, Kent claimed that she "dinged Fofty's ego," adding that she has "receipts." For the time being, she is holding onto that proof, and keeping quiet online as well. So far, neither she nor Emmett have responded to 50 Cent's most recent posts.