'Big Bang Theory' Fans Have Thoughts on Kaley Cuoco's Divorce Joke on Karl Cook's Photo

Kaley Cuoco's Instagram post joking about "divorce" with husband Karl Cook has caused quite the stir on social media. The post from Saturday is just the latest example of the couple's humorous posts on social media. It follows Cook posting an unflattering photo of Cuoco in bed, hunched together like some sort of fleshy turtle.

"In my just over year of marriage I have many times found myself gazing over at my wife in awe of her beauty and grace. This is not one of those times," Cook wrote in the caption of the photo. "[This] time makes me wonder, ‘[Kaley Cuoco] where’s your neck?’ [Oh my God] I love you so much honey!!!"

This prompted Cuoco to comment and bring up some rumors you might see in a tabloid.

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"I read somewhere that we are divorcing and living separate lives. It’s worth mentioning," the reply said.

It was a response that made a lot of fan's day after the comment.

"You two are a riot," one fan wrote. "I love you both."

"Ding. ding we have a winner," another added with clapping hands and cry-laughing emoji.

"If it's on the internet, it's true," a third wrote. "You look so happy together. I want a divorce just like that."

In between the laughter over the comment, some dropped some semi-serious comments about her idea of a "separate" life.

"I think to be married doesn't mean that you cannot have separate lifes (sic). It is even better not to forget the own life an relationship to yourself," one comment added. "And that is what they don't understand... It's working and they hate it."

"I saw on facebook some tv show had the headline about this, the comments were awful," another said. "[So] quick to believe anything about celebs and also say some nasty s—."

A few were just hopeful that Cook hasn't been sneaking any other photos while Cuoco isn't watching.

"[With] such wonderful photos he takes of you, how could you?! [Laughing out loud]! You better watch he doesn't sneak any bathroom pics."

Fans weren't the only ones to joke about the comments. Cuoco's former Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki also commented on the photo.


"This is totally cropped. Karl was laughing with me on a small island off Turkish Keys," Galecki jokingly wrote. "No one will believe this, [Kaley Cuoco] [so lame]."

The couple actually isn't officially living together yet, sometimes not seeing each other every day despite their marriage. This will only last until their home is built and the couple moves in together.