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'Gold Rush' Season 10: Discovery Unveils Wild First Look Trailer (Exclusive)

Amy Schumer Puts Baby Bump on Full Display During Engagement Shoot Photobomb

Amy Schumer photobombed some fans' engagement photos, putting her baby bump on full display.

Schumer posted an adorable engagement photo on Tuesday, with herself right in between the happy couple. The lovebirds sat entangled on a stone bench, clearly posing for pictures to celebrate their union, but right over their shoulder was Schumer, smiling with her arms spread wide. Schumer's dog, Tati, was there as well, staring up at the couple as though wondering why they had interrupted her walk.

"If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there," Schumer warned in the caption.

(Photo: Instagram @amyschumer)

The pictures were taken by photographer Jen Menard, who posted them on her own account as well. She invited Schumer to "plz photobomb anytime ya like." The couple in the foreground is Katherine and James, who keep to themselves on social media.

Fans went wild for the candid moment as they await Schumer's childbirth. Her post racked up over 134,000 likes, while providing a considerable boost for Menard as well. The photographer thanked her followers, who apparently tagged her in Schumer's post to make sure she saw the celebrity cross-pollenation.

"BEST PHOTOGRAPHER FOR CAPTURING THIS FOR US!!" Katherine wrote in a comment. "Thanks for jumping in our shoot @amyschumer."

"Absolutely hysterical!" added another fan. "I'm having surgery soon. If you could run through the operating room, that would be grand!"

"I'm there!" Schumer replied.

Many fans compared the moment to Jason Momoa's viral photobomb at a wedding in Hawaii back in December, although the circumstances a little different. At the time, Momoa was visiting Oahu, and the wedding planner went out of her way to contact the star. Momoa agreed to surprise the happy couple, sneaking up behind them on the beach for some memorable shots.


Schumer's photobomb is a bit more candid. She appears to have been simply taking her dog for a walk when she stumbled upon the photoshoot, and decided to join in. Schumer did not hang around to pose with Katherine and James, pausing only for one quick shot.

The photos may help quell some of the rumors that Schumer secretly gave birth already. The comedian announced her pregnancy back in October, though she did not specify how far along she was or when she was due. Fans have speculated based on the different symptoms and stages of pregnancy she has exhibited in her unflinching Instagram posts, but Schumer has not been big on real updates, preferring jokes about the process instead.