Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Ashley Graham Settles Twerk Debate With New Dancing Video

Let there be no doubt who the queen of booty bouncing is. After a former America's Next Top Model contestant dissed Ashley Graham's twerking abilities, Sports Illustrated came to bat for its cover girl, sharing a behind-the-scenes video of Graham twerking.

In its rebuttal to Toccara Jones' lol-fest at a different SI video of Graham twerking, the magazine shared a pretty impressive booty-popping clip of the 30-year-old on the sidelines of a photo shoot.

"Twerk it. Twerk it real good," Sports Illustrated Swimsuit wrote in the caption. "[Ashley Graham] owned this twerk-off battle at the beach!"

The new clip was posted Wednesday, showing off more of Graham's on-location twerk-off with a photo shoot crew member. The magazine strategically dropped the video after Jones laughed at another video from SI.

“She is not working the twerk,” Jones said in a video from TMZ, unable to control her laughter. “I love Ashley, but Ashley, me and you gonna have to twerk girl. I need to show you how to really pop, pop that thang. That twerking needs some help, boo. The girl in the back was popping it a little harder than she was!”

The video Jones bashed (see it here) was taken from afar, so maybe the close-up shot from SI will help change her mind.

Graham has been sharing steamy pics and vids from the Sports Illustrated photo shoot all month long. Earlier this week, she shared a video showing off all her different looks, from a vibrant red bikini to a striped thong to totally topless.

In one of the captions of her swimsuit pics, she quoted rapper Kendrick Lamar ad wrote, "'Show me somethin' natural like a— with some stretchmarks,'" but added "...OR cellulite."

The model has been an advocate for body positivity and acceptance, a message she's been open about during the promotion for her swimsuit line, Swimsuits For All.


Earlier this month at a CVS panel called “The Changing Face of Beauty,” Graham said that while society is making more steps towards inclusiveness when it comes to different body types, ages and skin colors in the modelling world, there’s still work to be done to keep things moving.

“You have to continue to talk about it,” she said. “I have always believed that skin color is not a trend, age is not a trend, and my size is not a trend. And that’s why I believe that right now, this can’t be a trend—if our voices are heard loud and clear, it won’t be.”